I am a professional wedding photographer based in Hampshire, UK.  I split my time, as evenly as I can, between my passion for creative wedding photography and my love of family and newborn photography…whilst also trying to spend time with my family!  I regularly provide photography in Sussex, Surrey and Dorset and will happily travel nationally, so if you live elsewhere, don’t fret!  I love nothing more than photographing new places, in fact, I positively adore it.

If you are looking for a photographer that can capture the small details and the romance, who goes the extra mile for her couples and who is as passionate about her clients as she is about her photography (and cake!) then I would love to chat with you.


Abi behind the lens…

I am married to my best friend, Geoff, who I met as a carefree 17 year old whilst working part-time in Homebase!   I love that he carries out photographic work by my side but what I love most is that we are blessed with two little rascals; George and Beatrice.

I adore being out in the fresh air but I like it even better if I’m eating hot chips on a cold beach…preferably with my little family. I love ice cream but love sharing it all the more. I adore films but only ones with happy endings.  I love fresh flowers but rarely treat myself to them.  I am a chocoholic. No buts.  Given half the chance, I could spend hours – possibly days –  in a haberdashery . I love weddings but I think marriage is even better.  Have I covered my love of cake?